Donna Rogers

At chapter seven of “Shut Up, Stop Whining and get a Life” I realized Larry Winget wasn’t kicking my butt nearly as much as I expected. It was only after I read, “My guess is you’re not having as much fun as you should…” that I realized he wasn’t talking to me…because I was on a plane to Scotland!

After working 28 days in a row, completing a term paper, two finals and surviving 48 hours with zero sleep, I wasn’t as giddy as I could have been, but the fact remained that I was on my way to my very first stamp in my five year old passport.

I walked out of customs in search of three women I’d never met but with whom I was to spend the next two weeks. Five hours later, we began our first adventure together, searching for a 100 year old farmhouse, located on a property that was once the summer home of the Duke and Duchess of Montrose in a rented five speed Volkswagen which had the steering wheel on the unfamiliar right side.

We turned off the ocean front road just past the estate’s boathouse, slowly winded past a flock of sheep up what seemed like a small mountain and then past a crumpling granite rock wall to our treasure. First the living room with fresh flowers on the mantel of a fireplace already prepared for the first fire. Then the kitchen with an old country stove that made us start talking about a big breakfast as soon as we laid eyes on it. We had a clear view of the ocean from every window. The best part of my adventure was not to be discovered until I climbed the stairs to locate my bedroom. Waiting for me was a big old-fashioned bathtub!

Amy Alderson

That sounds amazing! I wish I would've gone this year too! I went last year and we stayed in a youth hostel. The people were really nice but it would've be nice to stay somewhere a little more like home.

Linda Williams

Amy - we rented a cottage right above that odd white building called Dougarie Lodge by the boathouse. (We stopped so you could take a picture and the caretaker ran us off!) This year I got to go into the Lodge!

Claudia Barragan

Donna - We hope you are having a blast! but we want to read more entries! :)


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