Donna Rogers

I’ve noticed lately that I attempt to repair items that I would have not hesitated in the past to throw out. As I age, I realize that old does not mean useless or obsolete. In most ways, old is just as good, if not better than new because it…we... I have withstood the test of time and weathered the storms of life and like most things old, I am still standing.

In Edinburgh, the past is not discarded in favor of newer and faster. They just incorporate the new into the old to create something quite unique with both backbone and character. The new, modern, functional, sleek style co-exist right next to the aged, classic, seasoned, hardened style of the past.

Imagine a park built around an ancient cemetery. When headstones crumbled and fell over, they did not throw them out, they planted flowers around the remaining stones. Edinburgh paved new streets right around old statues and built new buildings right next to the old ones.

Princes’ Mall is quite fascinating.  The new mall is built under and around the ancient city. Metal beams and glass allow visitors to look above and on each side to see plaster columns and stones from hundreds of years in the past. The Metra runs right under the castle.

Unlike the atrocity that used to be Soldier’s Field in Chicago, in Edinburgh they erect temporary structures and seating in their historic buildings and when the season ends, they restore the building to its original glory.

Marcus Rogers
8/13/2012 03:40:46 pm

Yaaaaay Mom. We miss you!!!!!


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