Jane McKibben

Bittersweet, Beautiful and eerie are the words that come to mind to describe this place.  At times you can feel so alone but at peace with yourself. 

The runs I have found myself on have left me always with the same resulting feeling.  This feeling that I wish I could share but at the same time hold within.  Along the coast I ran towards the setting of the sun.  It was only around 45 minutes but it was endless and breathe-taking. Yesterday 1 August 2012 was the date of this run in which I began to fall in love with this place.  It was on the shore road that travels around the island and used by the tourist and islanders of this place.  However when running on the shore road I had only encounter a total of 3 cars all driving on the left side of the road. 

I kept a decent pace and could feel ever bit of my heart pounding as well as the tremendous amount of breaths I was taking.  My running shoes pounded against the pavement as my arms pierce the air around me.  I became well aware of not only what was going on within the interworkings of my body but also the effect of the coast and the bodies of water had on it.  The sound of the water touched every nerve in my ear leaving a settled easement on my mind.  I pushed on.  The sound of the rushing of the miniature streams in hopes to find its path to the ocean kept me motivated to run further.  I pushed on.  The bugs, that were alive and well, continued on with their evening routine as I ran pasted the grasses in which they buzzed.  Not a soul in sight but the soul trapped yet free within me.  I pushed on. Traveling with no ideals or dreams but of the reality that had just fallen, settled into place in my mind and in my surroundings. 

This place, this miniature version of Scotland is every bit unique.  Gloomy, dark, cheerful and bright is the description of all that this place is and can be.  This place called Isle of Arran can become a home, a visit, a getaway or a place never to return.  It remains as it is with few changes and still has those whom cherish it for what it will always be: honest.

Amy Alderson

Arran really is the perfect place to really feel free. I felt like a little kid again when I was there. We would spend all day running around and playing but always under the watchful eye of Momma Linda!


The information that you shared in your blog is useful for any genre of people. Though you have focused on teenagers still adult can also take the benefit out of it.


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