Kate Smurthwaite in the World of Funny
-Jane McKibben
    Every year the summer brings the funny filled event called PBH’s Free Fringe to Edinburgh, Scottland.  Comedians from various parts of the globe with different levels of experience, stand center stage with the challenge to enforce at least one laugh from audience members. Kate Smurthwaite, one of the many comedians participating in the event, accepts this challenge every time she makes her away across the stage to cast out her wits about current events that involve her principle interests of feminism, secularism as well as human rights.  This comedienne and political activist female is known very well for her outspoken personality as well as her fierceness of a real woman.
    Growing up Kate learned the importance of making a living for yourself.  As a result of her father having a money focused mindset, she felt growing up that “you owed him something” because he stressed his importance of being a finically supporter of the family in  paying bills and various things. Her mother on the other hand played a huge role in taking on various forms of communication.  As a result of being her mother being partially deaf, Kate took up British Sign Language in which she has a fluency in.  Later on in life it lead this British English speaker to take on Japanese and French.   The money focus aspect as well as the various forms of communication formulated the fundamentals of her decision making process in creating a career in the funny business.   
    Currently living in London, United Kingdom this 36, now single, woman stumbled on top of her current career in stand up comedian after undergoing many experiences.  From involving herself in extreme sports that included both white water rafting to dangerous wing walking on airplanes in the air to counting money at a job at a bank, Smurthwaite has worked in some interesting fields.  In hitting both the human service industry, where a monkey could have done the job, and entertainment industry, this independent woman has a full time career in comedy, where throwing tomatoes does not normally happen. A comic professional for over eight years, when questioned what type of persona she strives to have she mentions how “I’m trying not to be Robin Williams but trying to be John Stuert”.  Her eagerness in the desire to address various controversial news produced by the media, reveals itself many times during her stand up shows in which her famous one liner in saying “Don’t Move I haven’t finish” finds its place nearing the end of many of her shows.  Since money does not grow on tress, her comedy performances have become the main source of her income. Smurthwaite not only performs stand up but also teaches it as well as write it.  The source of her “bread and butter to pay bills”, however, is located at SOHO Comedy Club in a casino where she host there as well as performing at the MC Central London.  Other sources to her fame as a comedian include Adrenaline, Apes like me, and The News at Kate.
    The comedian career lead Smurthwaite to independently support herself, relaying on no man for his green, and concept a new form of communication to her list in expressing her ideals and beliefs through entertainment.  She also discovered a new social group of people whom she associates herself with on both a personal level and a professional comedian level.  Smurthwaite mentions how these individual “comedians are friendly and help each other out” and that when you least expect it “comedians having a beer will lead to material for your stand-ups”.

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