Jane McKibben

Where the old meets the new.  A castle and roads and a mountain are only a few things that make up this city of Edinburgh. 

Much to do here and yet I find myself missing the Isle of Arran.  Maybe it is the country girl at heart that speaks out to me or just the simple fact that the chances of getting run over by a Scotsman by car are not as high, but something about that place was very rewarding.

And then there is Arthur’s Seat located in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh.  I have, so far, run up it twice: once yesterday and second time today.  I have not yet had a ran that lasted more then 30 minutes and as a result feel no sense of accomplishment as far as my training goes for the upcoming season of cross-country.  Regardless it brings me a piece of nature that I have left behind in Isle Arran.  I miss the view of the ocean from up on the hill.  Miss the smell of the weeds and flowers along the roadside as well as the rushing water. 

The city has its perks.  There are many events going on here like the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012.  Many stand up comedians perform, free, at all hours of the day in dungeon like bar scene atmospheres. 

Edinburgh is a tourist friendly city.  Much to do in the city and during the time of year we made our way to it is even more suitable for a traveler looking for something exciting and new to do.

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