Jane McKibben

Glasgow is a city very different from Edinburgh.  I have seen a lot more runners in the streets and parks.    Yet I have not gone on a run myself.  There is another international student here at the youth hostel who is also a runner and we plan on running together this evening.  That way I would not be running alone in the city.

I’d recommend evening runs on the Isle of Arran so long as you are racing the setting sun and are back just as it is getting dark.  However, in these cities, the mornings or during the day is more ideal to run.

As a runner, especially one who competes, I have to try my best to maintain my workout schedule as I can.  In coming to Scotland I have balanced out my schoolwork and the activities we are required to attend with my runs.

I see running as a lifestyle that instills a positive outlook on life as well as creates a clear mindset while releasing stress.  As a result my runs in Scotland have met bare requirement of what I need to be successful with my up coming season.   I just need to take these next few days and get in at least 4-10miles until I go back home to St. Louis Missouri. 

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