Photo Linda Williams
Jane McKibben

Day 3 in Scotland on the Isle of Arran

Before I lay myself down to rest, I can hear the sounds of the ocean and sheep.  The waves make their way to the coast and wash up against the rocks.  The sheep baa every so often during the day and during the night.

Before I lay myself down to rest, I can imagine the sheep taking the eeriness and beauty of the evening sky along with the moon that hangs above us all. 

The sound they make, make it that much more realistic to count sheep.

Counting sheep… 1, 2, 3… Counting sheep.  What used to be a remedy to go to sleep has transformed itself into a realistic method to use before bed here on the Isle of Arran.  Could you imagine?  Before bed the sound of the evening shore along with the sheep outside this miniature pasture outside our home. 

Our home that we have claimed for this week is where I have chosen to count sheep before I fall asleep. The bed is so small in which I lay myself down to rest but it is just enough to suit my needs. 

The stillness of the night is something that only can be imagined back home or even in a city.  This place this island has a unique flavor of surroundings and sounds.  Never have I ever experience such a place.  The beauty and eeriness of it amazes me and wonders me.

The sheep take in all that this island has to offer.  They seem to always be around, ready to be counted.  During my runs they are near.  During the drives around the island they are by.  Before bedtime they sound off their nature way of communication. 

We wonder why they baa so loudly and for what reason.  But to me it is what makes this island so unique and interesting. These sheep are part of everything that make-up this place, the Isle of Arran.

Counting sheep… 1, 2, 3… counting sheep until I fall fast asleep. 

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