A Sports lover’s Fun
Jane McKibben
Monday September 10, 20012

    On August 4, 2012, Located on the Isle of Arran in the town of Brodick, the 125th Highland Games took place.  In interviewing locals as well as those in charge of the event, there was an estimation of over 2,000  people partaking in the various Highland events.  A local described the history about the highland games as a Scottish tradition in how it “originates from the Scottish Clan system, which dates back hundreds and hundreds years ago.  The event would be the main attraction of the area in which men would compete in various games to test his skill, strength and endurance in order to prove his ability to be the most skilled and prepared fro battle”.

    Events in the Brodick Highland 2012 Games include various competitions from track events held on the 300 meter grass course as well as highland dancing, tossing of the caber and a very intense pillow fight.  Various competitors came from the United States as well as the main homeland of Scotland and even some from the island itself. Many local bag pipe bands performed for the crowd to initiate the start of the games as well as to signify the ending of the games.  The track events consisted of various age groups that included the categories for both males and females of ages 11-13, ages 13-15, and Senior level (age 15 and above).   One particular competitor had a very interesting response when questioned about her participations in the Highland Games, “My parents brought me to the Brodick Highland Games during the summer and I ran that 50meter dash as a child and have been doing a race event almost every year since”.  Natalie MacDonald placed 2nd in the 400 meter dash as well as placed 2nd in the 800meter dash for that day taking home two cash prizes as well as a pride in knowing she ran both barefooted and still came out strong.

    Other competitors included many individuals from various running cubs.  One particular group was a group of female individuals that ranged from the ages of 11-15 who were excited about running their track events.  Many ran the track distance’s of 400 meters or less but one competitor in particular went outside the box of not only just competing in the running events but the ultimate pillow fight.  The main objective to this challenging competition is to knock out the other individual with a pillow before he/she knocks you out.  Both participates are placed on a log at least 3 feet off the ground, straddling it, with very little balance and with no hand contact to hold themselves up. Standing at over 5 feet and 10 inches, this particular 11 year old was wanting to win, “Its clearly the best and most favored of all the events.  Its hard but intense and to win will not only get you the cash prize but also because its so much fun.” She ended up fighting in the pillow fight championship and manage to take out a male of similar age and height in the final round thus claiming the winnings and the pride.

    The discovery of the history among many individuals at the event raises a very commonality among Scottish individuals as well as their ancestors in how it is related to the Highland Games.  This commonality is spread and as a result raises a high moral among individuals across the board who come in contact with the event promoting a positive atmosphere.  

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